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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

King Size

Eric Cantona turned forty nine a couple of days ago. He was, as far as we're concerned in this part of the world, the King. In modern football terms, as they said about The Clash, Eric is the only footballer that mattered.

King Tubby's productions are rightly the stuff of legend, the work of a man who re-shaped music. Ideally some of the dubs he cut in the 1970s should be listened to alongside the A-side, running together. This one from 1976 has the lead side of Johnny Clarke's Don't Trouble Trouble and then at 3.27 Tubby's Ruffer Version from the flip. Phased horns, machine gun fire, underwater sounds, sirens, the odd snatch of vocal and the sublime bass of The Aggrovators original rhythm track.


The Swede said...

I couldn't possibly comment on Cantona, but King Tubby is definitely my royal ruler. A fantastic selection.

Singing Bear said...

I'd like to comment on both: in my house, Eric is still The King. Yes, the only footballer that mattered; the greatest player to ever grace a pitch. King Tubby was pretty awesome as well.

george said...

I thought Denis Law was The King? This Johnnie Clarke song is tremendous

Anonymous said...

Denis was the old king. Eric the new
Swiss Adam

Walter said...

Eric is definetly the king and the only one that really matter.