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Friday, 29 May 2015

Getting There

This came out digitally at the start of May, a very nice chugger from Rich Lane in his Cotton Bud guise, successfully carrying off the trick of being both uplifting and melancholic- lots of echoes of Technique period New Order but updated for now, summer 2015. Speaking of summer, where's the sunshine? It's late May and we've had nothing approaching early summer weather yet. People living in sunnier and warmer climes, please leave your gloating in the comment box.


Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

You are right, summer is a bit late this year. It's in the mid 80's (F) here but the humidity still hasn't kicked in yet. A bit disappointed.

ANTO said...

bizzarely basking in the west of ireland sun tonight in county kerry. sitting on the porch wig the glass of that red that u need listening to this Kawasi Washington dude. Mixed with Drews N Soul tunes. My 14 yr old daughter is a fan of that stuff though hides it in her 5SOS buzz. What to do? Enjoy the summer as it comes to you I suppose.

Keep 'em coming. You have been on fire of late

Swiss Adam said...

You just painted a great picture Anto. Ta v much.