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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

In Colour

There's been a lot of internet used up today with opinions about Spike Island, from naysayers and fans alike. I just read a review of the forthcoming Jamie xx solo album, In Colour, and then scurried off to listen to something off it. Listening to Gosh Jamie has taken that line from She Bangs The Drums and run with it- 'the past is your's the future's mine'. It's exhilarating, inventive and absorbing stuff. The staccato rhythm (sounding like the blood pumping through your head when you're exercising and at full pelt), the build up and then the drama of the last two minutes is something else.

Wherever it was that I read the review said that Jamie's album is about memories of UK rave and dance music (or something along those lines). That dance music is always about creating something new from the recent past. That this album is in colour compared to the black and white palette of The Xx. I'm up for all of that. Now I'm off to listen to Gosh again.


drew said...

The album is very very good. I opted for the triple coloured vinyl

Swiss Adam said...

Just seen the variety of formats. Think I'll go for single vinyl (plus dl code I hope)

drew said...

New Orb album coming on multiple formats as well. Quite pricey!

Echorich said...

Gosh is great, but Loud Places is one of my favorite tracks of the year!