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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Higher States

This is the view of the campsite we spent the weekend at- photographed on Monday morning, the only time the sun shone. Beautiful eh? Friday night- cold, began to rain. Saturday- rained all day, windy, very cold at night. Sunday- proper rain, all day until late afternoon, windy at night. Still quite cold. We managed to have a cracking time nevertheless, with copious amounts of alcohol, multiple layers of clothing, sausages galore, a stone circle near Ulverston, the Dock Museum in Barrow and for a couple of us a lungbusting, thigh burning bike ride towards Hawkshead and then around Windermere on Sunday night (just getting back to the campsite before it got dark). The climb up to the campsite nearly did for me.

On with the music. Death In Vegas lynchpin Richard Fearless got his techno groove back a while ago, in some style.

Higher Electronic States

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The Swede said...

I love that part of the world, but haven't visited it for 20 years. Norfolk is fine and dandy, but very flat.