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Tuesday, 12 May 2015


He's a funny character Moby- the veganism and the Christianity along with the love of 80s punk and hardcore, the flitting from one genre to another, the hardcore punk album and the multi-million selling Play where every song was licensed to sell one product or another. It makes him difficult to pin down, which is possibly the intention. Maybe it makes him just like the rest of us, a bag of interests and contradictions rather than a cartoon or a one dimensional media person. It may also explain why I only have a sporadic interest in his career. Yesterday's This Perfect Life (from 2013) being the first time that I'd really paid any attention since Play (1999) although he did record a cover version of New Dawn Fades with New Order for the Twenty Four Hour Party People film. But I was pretty unfussed by that. The first time I encountered him was on his 1990 rave single Go, a classic of its kind. Sampling Laura Palmer's Theme from Twin Peaks and vocals snatched from Tones On Tail and Jocelyn Brown it  reached the top ten in the UK. The video is very 1990 and I don't have the song on my hard drive right now so it'll have to do for today.


C said...

I feel the same way - a sporadic interest - I go through phases when he sounds great and others when I just wouldn't want to listen to him at all. But today I just keep doing a double-take every time I open my Reading List and see this photo because he's absolutely the spitting image of our next door neighbour (always thought there was a similarity but the likeness in this pic is almost spooky)... and we had a curry with him last week... A curry with Moby, that could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Vegetarian curry.
Swiss Adam

drew said...

Love Go, his cover of Temptation, Why Does My Heart and Thousand's good for a head wreck every so often but that's about it

Hazard said...

He also looks a lot like my cousin (after he went bald)