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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Get Up And Fight Them Back

Well that was utterly depressing and dismal. Five more years of ideological austerity. English voters opting in increasing numbers for antisocial, narrow minded, throwback politics. Seeing Nigel Farage miss out was the only bright spot of the whole thing really, although I can't say I was sorry to see George Galloway lose his seat- he's a shit stirring, self serving, opportunist. Labour need to re-evaluate their policies, message and position entirely. Trying to occupy the same ground as the Tories has led to defeat and the loss of many of their own supporters. We're all going to pay for this for many years to come.

Steve Mason, ex-Beta Band, one of recent times most political song writers.

Fight Them Back


The Swede said...

A result even more depressing than most of us feared. Genuinely scary.

charity chic said...

Farrage and Galloway self serving tosses with no principles or moral compass.I would throw in Clegg for good measure.Hopefuly UKIP are now a spent force.However we are now committed to the in out EU referendum CAmeron agreed to appease his right wing cronies.If we vote to come out we may as well turn off the lights

Erik Bartlam said...

I have no truck with any of it but between the general election and the Scottish vote...I vote for a break from politics for you fair people.

It's got to be wearing on your nerves.

C said...

Yep, absolutely thoroughly depressing and (I thought) unexpected too. Just a few bright glimmers as mentioned above. Plus one or two others...have you read this?!

drew said...

UK ain't going to be a nice place for any one who isn't a non dom, banker or a CEO of a Tory donating company for the foreseeable future I fear.

EF - a break in Scotland only until next spring, as we have elections for the Scottish Parliament next year.

Walter said...

I was surprised as well about this result. What I see from over here is the consolidation of political power so that I can't see any difference between them. And I agree that Labour should re-evaluate their politics to serve the people.

S said...

As a Govan born Tory voter I was happy with the result!!!