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Friday, 16 October 2015

Art On 45

Thank Fac it's Friday. Delving deeper into the recesses of Factory's back catalogue we stumble across names like The Royal Family And The Poor. Formed in Liverpool in 1978 by Mike Keane and at one point containing future Happy Mondays manager Nathan McGough, the band were largely an on-off project for multi-instrumentalist Keane, who had constructed his own instruments- dismantling a radio receiver, wiring it up to a synth and connecting both to an old stereogram. In their early days Keane played synth and Arthur McDonald read Situationist lyrics over the top. Their 1982 debut single for Factory is pretty uncompromising and pretty uncommercial.

Art On 45

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Echorich said...

If there was a such thing as late night or overnight television back in the late 70's - early 80's UK, Tony Wilson would have filled Granada with things like The Royal Family And The Poor. I'm not sure Factory ever got more eclectic.