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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Where The Hell Have You Been?

'We've been waiting with our best suits on, hair slicked back and all that jazz'.

Echo And The Bunnymen benefitted massively from Bill Drummond's management, his leftfield plans and sense of theatre. In between the first and second albums (Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here) they released a four track live e.p., Shine So Hard, a document of a gig at the Pavillion in Buxton deep in the Pennines, in January 1981. The palm house, the army surplus clothing, the bright white lights, Pete's shaven head and the other three's fringes and quiff- it's never all about the music with a band, the visuals are such an important part and the Bunnymen and Drummond knew this. Echo And The Bunnymen, especially early on, had a really democratic sound, the drums, bass, guitar and vocals all seem to carry equal weight and have the same space, no one instrument dominating. All That Jazz is an early highlight, a stomping bassline, shards of guitar, military drums and Mac's urgent singing.


George said...

Tremendous song, Adam.

Echorich said...

Shine So Hard is my favorite live document of all time! It's a show that feels mythical and instantly legendary...big words I know, but Shine So Hard always makes the hair stand up on my arms when I hear it.

The Swede said...


SriRacha Shark said...

I was at the Buxton gig. I'm pretty sure we had to apply for tickets via the NME.

Or did I dream that?

Anonymous said...

That NME thing rings a bell.
Swiss Adam

ally. said...

saw them in liverpool just then and good lawd they were immense... that shine so hard poster was the most treasured thing on my bedroom wall too and led to all manner of jarman diversions.
they were bloody awful the half a song i heard at that manc indie day in the summer. very sad