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Thursday, 15 October 2015

No! Say It Loud, No!

Today, Pete Wylie. Yesterday The Vinyl Villain published a post on the third member of The Crucial Three- Pete Wylie and his Mighty Wah! a blogpost so comprehensive and with comments so good I rewrote my planned post for today. So instead of what I had partly written I'm revisiting a version of a Mighty Wah! song I have posted before, a brilliantly executed re-edit of The Mighty Wah's The Story Of The Blues (Part 2) from the Edit Service people. A long electronic drum intro, the female backing vox and then Pete Wylie's spoken part, including that quote from Jack Kerouac- 'I remember something Sal Paradise said 'the city intellectuals of the world were divorced from the folkbody of the land and were just rootless fools'' and Wylie's message, 'you've got to hope for the best and that's the best you can hope for' and ultimately say 'No!'. If you love the original, you'll love this too. Promise.

By the way, I apologise for the appearance of the letter U and the number 2 in close proximity in the picture accompanying this post.


Simon said...

Love love love Story Of The Blues. It's big and echoey and a little bit out of tune. But that's ok. The Manics and Bernard Butler both know the record inside out don't they? Both of them ended up in the studio with Mike Hedges - Design For Life and Yes, and both of those are definitely descended from Story.

Echorich said...

Simon has that right, Story Of The Blues is a blueprint for big Post Punk songs and a real influence on a good number of artists who have attempted to make "Big Music". It's more that an anthem, it's more a call to arms. Wylie was/is political. Whether it's the politics of government, relationships or society, it's what he sings about.
"You say "No!" And say it loud - "NO!"

Swiss Adam said...

I hadn't made those connections but you might be right Simon.

Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

I love this. Played on repeat four times now.

Swiss Adam said...

Hope you spotted its a free download Webbie.