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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Or Is It Treason?

The idea that any band could contain three egos like Ian McCulloch's, Julian Cope's and Pete Wylie's is absurd and according to legend The Crucial Three never even got as far as rehearsing, but it's nice to try to imagine what they might have sounded like. This video for The Teardrop Explode's Treason, a single off 1980s Kilimanjaro, is a hoot. The B-side was Read It In Books, a joint McCulloch-Cope effort recorded by both bands.


Anto said...

bill drummond (seen as though your on that tip) now lives in an old castle in ireland where he hosts arty get togethers. There was a marathod reading of Ulysses there a while back which got rowdy I hear. I love guys like him. True maverick, tinged with insanity and style

Swiss Adam said...

Very true. I love him too Anto.

Echorich said...

I have to say I am reveling in all of this McCulloch/Cope/Wylie posting across my particular region of the blogosphere! Music from all three and their bands between 79 -83 was just absolutely unmatchable for me.