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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Private Plane

Husker Du have reunited- well, sort of. The three members have launched a new website that sells t-shirts and have been in agreement to do so. So there are whispers. I don't know if this would be a good thing or not. Drew always takes the line that he doesn't go to reformations and the purist in me admires that. On the other hand, I've seen several favourite bands play after reforming and don't regret it. It's probably irrelevant anyway- going from they have spoken about selling merchandise and set up a website to Husker Du playing Manchester is several pretty big jumps. Judging by what other US bands do, they'd play three nights in London and then fly out again.

Flip Your Wig was my first Husker Du album, their last for SST before leaving for Warners. It is wall to wall intense US punk spliced with 60s psychedelia (apart from The Baby Song which I always skip). Both Grant Hart and Bob Mould were at the very top of their game and the production is full on as well. It may not be their best album (Zen Arcade probably, or New Day Rising) but it was my first and you never forget the first.

Private Plane


Simon said...

Candy Apple Grey was mine, I've got the rest, but I always end up back with that one. There's a track on there, All This I've Done For You that takes me back to one of those unrequited things, all those big teenage emotions. Ouch.

Dirk said...

For me it was Zen Arcade. And I've always wanted a Hüsker Dü t-shirt, perhaps my time has come with their new website?

Anto said...

you can live at home now. What a band. Being Irish, we co-opted celebrated summer too. I firkin love them, tunes like green eyes and Ice cold Ice. Pure energy. driven by Bobs latent gayness I later learned (per his Q& A at E Picnic fest a few years back). Anyway, a great band with great music and later, great side projects Songbook by Mr Mould is incredible. Cool that Bob ddid Garage house mixes in those salad days too