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Friday, 23 October 2015

Factory Time

Minny Pops were one of Factory's oddest signings, a Dutch post-punk, electronic, arthouse band led by Wally van Middendorp. After opening for Joy Division in Eindhoven in 1980 Rob Gretton recommended them to Factory and they put out several releases on both Factory and sister label Factory Benelux. Inevitably they were produced by Martin Hannett, often at Stockport's legendary Strawberry Studios (although not this single, recorded in The Netherlands). Heaven only knows what a group of serious Dutchmen made of Stockport in the 1980s. This is dour but danceable.



drew said...

"Dour but danceable", excellent phrase. I may have to Nick that's it applies to quite a bit of my record collection

Echorich said...

Another hidden gem in the Factory discography.