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Sunday, 29 November 2015

De Luxe

If I was going to make a compilation album by late 80s and early 90s indie bands singing songs about sex then this would be on it. It's not something that has occurred to me before but just recently I heard Going Down by The Stone Roses followed by De Luxe by Lush and the thought popped into my head. De Luxe is rather great really, crashing drums, shimmering, psychedelic guitars and the lovely Miki's vocals. Lush were a bit derided at the time, portrayed as bandwagon jumpers with friends in the press, ligging every night in Camden. They got a bit of flak for the photo shoot (above) too if I remember right- but some of the songs have stayed the course.


drew said...

Never got into Lush. This is alright though

Michael Doherty said...

Have you seen that shoegaze documentary from last year, "Beautiful Noise"? Terribly made but with lots of good footage including some of Lush.

Anonymous said...

Will have a look for that Michael.
Swiss Adam