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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Don't Do It

This record could be dropped at any social occasion and cause dancefloor mayhem. At our staff social last night, upstairs room at a bar in town, the dj played nothing but hip hop, good quality hip hop mainly. I requested Fight The Power and got it. A bunch of teachers dancing to hip hop may be the least funky thing you can imagine but that's the way it is. White Lines, released in 1984, was a lot of people's first exposure to hip hop. It's an impossibly exciting record.


C said...

Oh - I wish I'd had teachers like you!

George said...

Going to post a video of you and your colleagues "dancing" to Fight The Power?

Anonymous said...

Swiss Adam

Walter said...

According to C., I would have some co-workers like you have. I had some teachers that was very liberal and common to my kind of music. And Fight the Power is a very good choice. My request would be You're gonna get yours. But it seemed you had a great evening.