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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Sherwood Forest

That Adrian Sherwood-LSK dub of Space Oddity I posted at the weekend got me back onto a Sherwood and On U Sound tip and going through my folders I found this from the Test Pressing website back in 2010, an hour long mix of dubbed out Sherwood delights. The original page is here, which also reveals the tracklist- African Head Charge, Dub Syndicate, Doctor Pablo (the Dr Who theme) and Creation Rebel. Sherwood's output is so vast and varied that one nine-song mix can't hope to do anything more than dip a toe into the waters. If you go here there's a live dj stunning set done for The Boiler Room, with lashings of delay and reggae vibes, and a crowd who possibly didn't know what they were in for.

Adrian Sherwood The Producers Series #1


Anto said...

I had the pleasure of being at his set at the Unt. Nations of Dub festival last year (Don Letts dj'd same night!). It was incredible. Unreal. I was very mashed however

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good night out Anto.
Swiss Adam

Anto said...

3 skindheaded/balding 40+ irish wastrels and a couple of hundred crusty student types. The Paternal instinct was present throughout the earlier parts of the night were we saw the others taking materials of unknown origin and people who looked essentially the same age as our older kids gobbling powders and weed goodo. Hilariously, it was the youngers who had to help the oldies as the night progressed. Whitey's, bad beers, to lot. Great fuckin music though. So yes, a lovely night

thewalker said...

He mashed my already smashed brain at The Powerstation in Auckland (NZ) a couple of years ago.
I reckon he must've brought his own sound guys too because although the bass was on-u-deep the tones were as crisp as anything.