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Monday, 16 November 2015

Peace Together

Peace Together was a project based in Northern Ireland in the 1990s which raised funds for cross-community activities for young people. In 1993 a single was released with vocals from Feargal Sharkey, Peter Gabriel, Nancy Griffiths and Sinead O'Connor. Therapy? contributed a song to it. Liz Fraser and Robin Guthrie of The Cocteau Twins did a remix. So did Sabres Of Paradise. This eleven minute fifty nine second remix took up the B-side of the 12". It is really good Gaelic dub, tin whistles, bodran, echo and delay, rim shots. Jah Wobble's lovely bass. Give up twelve minutes of your day to sit and listen to this. We could definitely do with some peace.

Be Still (Sabres Of Paradise Remix)

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