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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Fairplay And Carpenter

I keep coming back to the music of Timothy J. Fairplay at the moment and I think you should too. This is a live recording of four covers of John Carpenter soundtracks from the end of September- Assault On Precinct 13, The Philadelphia Experiment, Christine and Halloween- and hits all the right buttons. John Carpenter's synths were always ripe for a slo-mo dancefloor re-boot with a drum machine.

I re-found this hour long mix too, a free download, from the people at Substance, mixing his own stuff (Junior Fairplay and Haunted Doorbell) with that of others (including some of the best artist names I've read recently- Grackle, Pagan Sector, R-Zone 13, Paradise Box).

I've got no great insights into any of this, no stories to tell- just sharing the music with you to help you have a nice Sunday.

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Walter said...

You did right, Adam. This Carpenter covers are the right thing for this Sunday.