Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Friday, 13 November 2015


Friday's Factory treat today is from across the Pennines due East, from deepest Sheffield in 1982, by Cabaret Voltaire. A vocal sample asks 'There's 70 billion people on Earth. Where are they hiding?' over some early 80s industrial electro. The 12" single came with a John Robie remix which turned it further in the direction of the dancefloor but I've posted that before and the original is still worth your time. There's a staff social on tonight at a bar in town. I'd be highly surprised if Cabaret Voltaire get played.



Walter said...

Another great song by a great bank in this series. Respect, sir.

Echorich said...

Great track! Original or amazing John Robie remix, you can't go wrong here.

Brian said...

Better tell that staff to get some more education.