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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fight Them Back

Can you tell I'm on holiday? Posting twice a day, I should really do something more productive with my time.

I just found this from Steve Mason's new album, Monkey Minds In the Devil's Time. It sounds really good- those doleful, multi-tracked vocals from The Beta Band, the part hip-hop, part indie-dance beats. There's more going on here instrumentally than on the Boys Outside album. And he's pretty pissed off about the stuff you see on the news. Righteous anger.

Then I found the single from back in February.

Anyone got the album? I may have to add it to the list of records I need to buy.


thewalker said...

Based on this post, these two tracks alone; i'm off to buy a copy.

Simon said...

I've got it, the albums pretty good, although I prefer the last one. It's more fluid though. There's a lot of inbetween filler up bits, odd samples, little bits of instrumentals. The songs are spread out a bit, and while they're really good are all a bit mid tempo on a piano for my liking. They're almost gospel influenced crossed with something like Imagine. I'm not selling it am I? Put it this way, it's worth getting, and may turn out to be a big one come the end of the year. But I will probably edit mine down.

Anonymous said...

go out and buy it now
it's excellent

Cynical Farmer said...

Sounds goooood!