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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Linotype Works

Along with Stretford's Essoldo cinema this is another of my favourite buildings of south Manchester. The Linotype Machinery Works in Broadheath, Altrincham, built (you might just be able to make out) in 1897. The building manufactured machinery to produce text (basically the machines punched into linotype and then printed from it) and exported the machines all over the world. It's grade II listed and this front part is offices today, so it appears to be pretty safe. The redbrick front with it's inlayed lettering in terracotta is brilliant and the series of parapets hides the massive brick factory building that sits behind it. The factory part is used by various businesses and most of it seems to be occupied. Which is good. A working building, still working. I was dismayed to see while driving around there today that opposite the front they're building a housing development- ugly, featureless, little boxes which will have a great view while spoiling the setting of this building themselves.

The view towards the Linotype Works from the towpath of the Bridgewater Canal, taken on my phone last year.

Down the side there is this side entrance, again with the inlayed brick lettering. There's a matching one on the canal side too. I took this pic from the car in the rain today and am a bit concerned about the wooden buttresses holding this wall up.

Sorry if this is all coming across a bit Nikolaus Pevsner. You don't need any music with this post do you?


stevoid said...

I worked in Broadheath for about 6 months a couple of years ago,never knew this was there!

Will have to take a wander down that way one of these weekends and take a peek,I do like a good building!

Swiss Adam said...

First right after the bridge past those modernist flats, follow the road down. Worth the visit.