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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Monotony In Germany

It's great when you get a compilation album (Treasure Hunting in this case), put it on your portable device, and then one of the tracks you've not really paid attention to appears on the shuffle and it sounds good. This is bit of a thumping dance track from Spaniard Marc Pinol, with a sequenced bass line and a funky little guitar riff that appears after the breakdown and a Speak 'n' Spell voice intoning 'monotony in Germany', pronouncing monotony as 'mon-o-tone-e'. I thought Dirk and Walter might appreciate the sentiment at the least.

Monotony In Germany


Dirk said...

Much appreciated indeed, mate.

Then again Germans of a certain age, like Walter and meself, have some kind of an obsession with Monotonie, so much so that we disregard anything else but this


as shite.

These people were GODS when we were young, you see ...

Walter said...

Much appreciate too Adam. Dirk was faster than me to answer. It is Sunday an I use to sleep longer and I don't have a Little Loser to wake me up. I agree to all the words Dirk said and indeed Ideal were gods in our time. Probably I'll post later some words.
Enjoy your day off.

Swiss Adam said...

Ideal is new to me. Ta.

Max said...

Treasure Hunting is an excellent compilation, every time I put it on a different track appeals to me.