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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Glossop Rock

The Bodines came from Glossop, a small town nestling in the Pennines to the east of Manchester. This single, Therese, was on the legendary c86 tape (given away free with the NME), an indie disco regular, compilation tape staple and the only thing they're really known for at all. And very good it is too in that 1986-7, Smiths-influenced, pre-Roses way. They screwed it all up/got screwed up (delete as appropriate) like so many of these bands did by signing to a major label who dropped them as soon as their album didn't shift millions. Or even thousands. Or hundreds maybe. They re-recorded Therese for the album, Played, although the original Therese single came out on Creation. I've got the major label subsidiary (Magnet Records anyone? Me either)album Played on vinyl and looking at the sleeve I honestly couldn't tell you how any of the songs go, apart from Therese and a vague recollection of Slip Slide which I think a friend put on a compilation tape for me around that time.



stevoid said...

A tremendous record from their sorely overlooked album,which I still dig out on a fairly regular basis for playing loud in the car.

I've always wondered if there were any other semi-successful bands (or indeed,anyone full stop!) from Glossop?

As for Magnet Recirds they had quite a lot of success with Chris Rea,Matchbox,Darts and Bad Manners through the late 70s/early 80s,always thought it was a strange home for a band such as The Bodines.

Simon said...

I loved Therese at the time, and the other single on Creation Heard It All, which is a lovely little slice of jangle melancholy.

The album is actually really good, I listen to it every so often, some lovely tunes that land somewhere between New Order and The Smiths.

swiss adam said...

Given both of your comments I'll have to give Played a listen

Scott said...

Second best single of '86 after Almost Prayed...both great tracks that have stood the test of time well...