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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Modernism 3

Third in this mod mini-series, Millions Like Us by Purple Hearts, a buzzy single from 1979 with a cracking guitar riff and lyrics about belonging and inclusiveness. The Purple Hearts story has it that they formed with the sole intention of supporting Buzzcocks to perform their 'rock opera' Reg. They went on after the gig releasing several more singles and some albums before the mod revival petered out.

13 Millions Like Us.wma


Simon said...

They also reformed in the mid 8os (infact they've reformed several times, as have Secret Affair over the years). I love the Hearts. I did a mini series back in the summer of 2008 covering a pile of Mod stuff

Anonymous said...

As stolen from me by some parka clad, desert booted, light fingered oaf at Sandy Lane YC back in the day. Never got it back. Cheers for this!