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Monday, 24 January 2011

I Left My Bag In Newport Pagnell

The Freemans Catalogue in the mid-80s featured a little known indie boys section. Our models-Craig, Johnny, Andy, Steve and Mike- show off the summer range. Shoes and sunglasses models own.

This version of Is It Really So Strange came to light on the Unreleased Demos album, recently leaked on the net. It's not so much a demo, more a full but unreleased version. Recorded during the 1986 sessions for the Ask single, it was shelved and when the band needed a B-side for Sheila Takes A Bow they used the Peel Session version of this song instead. The guitar playing on this track shimmers and shines, truly brilliant, and Morrissey delivers his lines about the north, the south, lost luggage and killing a horse. Then you think, 'they rejected this, it wasn't good enough'.

10 Is It Really So Strange_ [Demo].mp3

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