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Monday, 17 January 2011

You Better Run, Run, Run

A Primal Scream song for Monday from their sonic terrorist, war against vowels phase. When The Kingdom Comes was the second B-side on the 12" of the Accelerator single, the last record Creation released. It features Paul Weller on 'auto-destructive 12 string Rickenbacker' and Kevin Shields 'sonically speaking' (both quotes from the back of the sleeve). You can probably guess who was responsible for which bits when you listen to it. The song sounds a bit like they made it up on the spot at the end of the night when they'd dragged Weller out of the pub and into the studio, Bobby Gillespie's lyrics probably took longer to sing than they did to write, and it's a fairly derivitive piece of pop-art, rock 'n' roll- despite all of this, I like it.



John Medd said...

Does Little Barrie still throw a few shapes for The Scream? Saw them a couple of years back at Rock City and he made the world of difference to their sound. And his own combo are non to shabby either.

swiss adam said...

Hello John. Think he was played the Screamadelica shows. Maybe a reader can confirm it? What happened to Throb? hat's what I want to know. Got the first Little barrie album, and thought it was OK. Might have to go back to it

bossman said...

Little Barrie is still playing with them. Word is Throb left to clean up.
Roll on Friday, I'm seeing them at the Big Day Out....I can not wait.

ANCB said...

aye seemingly Throb still hasn't cleaned up..Think I saw that on mani's twitter not so long back.