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Thursday, 20 January 2011

If You're Looking For Trouble...

The other day our daughter E.T., 7 years old, asked about Elvis and as we were by the computer I got Youtube open and searched for the '68 Comeback Special. Soon we were watching the opening section of the show, Elvis singing Trouble in black shirt and red neckerchief, jet black hair and tanned skin, then seguing into Guitar Man with the banks of guitarists behind him shot in silhouette against bright white lights. Woah, I'm saying to her, look at that. To be fair, E.T. stayed the course, watched the clip and then wandered off pretending to be unimpressed, saying 'he died from too many burgers'. Mrs Swiss and myself however were left floored by the '68 Comeback Special, as I am whenever I see it. Stunning performance. Totally staged, hyper choreographed, cynical TV opportunism by Colonel Tom obviously, but stunning performance. I'll say it again, stunning. Audio track below.

I'm left wondering if and where I could get away with wearing the black shirt and red neckerchief. Without looking like a total dick.

01 Trouble-Guitar Man.wma


John Medd said...

It's the sort of thing Macca should be doing now; not that he's been away to 'comeback.' But it would be special.

In answer to your question - behind closed doors.

drew said...

on your own in a darkened room

davy h said...

in a gay bar

drew said...

I had to discuss Elvis' death with M a couple of years ago


I've got the 2 cd Memories Come Back special well worth a punt on

swiss adam said...

So we're against the red neckerchief look then? I've got a work residential Friday night (woohoo)- was wondering whether it might be the appropriate occasion to start the 68 comeback look.

h said...

Go for it!SA
Take some advice from The Venga Boys
We dont care what the people say
nuthin gonna stop us gonna do it anyway

dickvandyke said...

You need a certain self-confidence to carry it off adam. I liberally cream my leather strides in dubbin. It minimises squeeks, crotch-chafe and affords a little more 'give' following a KFC Family Bucket.