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Sunday, 16 January 2011


Fujiya and Miyagi, Brighton's dancey and krauty fourpiece, have a new album out later this month. I've quite liked a lot of their stuff in the past without ever totally loving it, although there is a rather nice Two Lone Swordsmen remix from several years ago I've played a lot. This is the B-side (is it a B-side? Or just an extra track in a digital bundle? Not sure), where they get remixed by Erland And the Carnival, about whom I knew nothing until a few minutes ago when I googled them and found out they do English folk music and contain a former member of The Verve and the Good, The Bad And The Queen (Simon Tong). I've not knowingly heard anything by them, so can't tell you whether this remix is typical or not, but I do like it.

Ventriloquizzing (Carnivalisation (Remixed By Erland & The Carnival)).mp3

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Artog said...

This has just given me the final nudge into posting a track of theirs that's been one of my favourites tunes for a while now.