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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Surface Noise

Acid Ted featured Two Lone Swordsmen's remix of the Kenny Hawkes' track Ashley's War on Monday, a new one to me and very nice it is too. This is the return leg- Kenny Hawkes remixes Hope We Never Surface by TLS, a good length piece of electronic funk. Hope We Never Surface was on the Stay Down album (the one with the painting of the deep sea divers on the cover), which I listened to over the Christmas holiday and was struck by two things- firstly, it was much better than I remembered, full of lovely bass, weird noises, laid back sounds and drums, and a load of depth I'd not noticed when it came out- really good understated electronic music. Secondly, the sleeve was crinkled where the cat had pissed on it.

Hope We Never Surface (Remix By Kenny Hawkes).mp3


Ctelblog said...

Gotta love the cat.

drew said...

Fucking cats, mines just used to shred the spines of my albums. Hope Davy H is reading and is aware of what he has ahead for himself.

Just back from fucking Luton so excuse the expletives.