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Saturday, 8 January 2011

His Eyes Are For You Only

A few years ago (and looking at the back of this cd I see it was 2004 which is probably more than a few years) I got into a band I'd been dimly aware of but pretty much completely ignored. My loss. Scritti Politti had been a pop-soul band with Lady Di hair as far as I was concerned, and I knew little about their post-punk roots. The 2004 Early compilation was a revelation- from the squatting scene, lo-fi, DIY, scratchy music, bass led with clattering drums and Clash baiting lyrics (Skanc Bloc Bologna). Really good stuff. At the same time Green Gartside released a new Scritti album- White Bread, Black Beer- which had a load of good songs on it. When I got around to playing this song it did awake some distant memories and I played it to death, eventually finding copies on 7" and 12" as well. The 'Sweetest Girl' has a lovely, hissing drum machine part, great understated melody, beautiful vocals and one of the best piano parts you'll find, played by Robert Wyatt. Arms length lyrics, a dissection of love- Green Gartside was one of pop/post-punks intellectuals, inspired by philosophy as much as Sex Pistols, and none the worse for it. This is an absolute killer tune.

12 The 'Sweetest Girl'.wma#2#2


jimdoes said...

i'm reading the rough trade book and looking up loads of songs by bands that i should have heard before as i go through the book. Stuff like the normal, cabaret voltaire and the raincoats – and this scritti politti song has just been mentioned. So great coincidence that it's on your blog, which i look at every day. So thanks for plugging a gap!


swiss adam said...

That book came along at the right time for me a few years back as well. ta for commenting Jimdoes

swiss adam said...

Actually I'm thinking of the Simon Reynold's rip It Up book, now that I'm a bit soberer