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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Vaccination Time

Finger as ever firmly on the pulse I've heard The Vaccines for the first time this week. The NME is calling them the future of British guitar music, they're in the BBC's 10 to watch for 2011 list, they've already had a three song slot on Later, and they've released the grand total of one single. Hype? You got it. The band sensibly say the media create the hype and then complain that bands are overhyped, and all they can do is make songs and if other people like them that's a bonus. But are they any good? I reckon they could be- they've got guitar pop skills with Ramones-y choruses, the warm fuzz of The Jesus And Mary Chain, the danceableness (new word alert) of early Franz Ferdinand, and the mocassins of The Bunnymen. I don't know what young people listen to down at the disco these days, but if was seventeen again I'd be throwing myself around to this- If You Wanna (a demo version it says here).



John Medd said...

Hell's teeth Mr Bagging. I really look fwd to reading your blog, really I do...but, if I hear of one more band being compared to TJ&MC then I'm just gonna snap. Snap, do you hear? Please, please, for the love of God, can't you compare them to, I don't know, Kajagoogoo?!

swiss adam said...

I shall try not to compare anyone to JAMC for at least the next 7 days. Shame, I was going to post Terry Edwards' cover of The Hardest Walk...