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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Weirdness From The Wirral

I was listening to a new mix by Bagging Area's unofficial sponsor and sartorial guide Andrew Weatherall last night, a mix he did for Heavenly Records which you can find here-


I wasn't going to include the link- I've followed my own unwritten rule of just posting one track per blogpost so far, and Acid Ted featured this link and another one a few days ago, but what the heck.

Two things stood out- firstly there's an unreleased Weatherall dub of Alice Gold which fits in very nicely with all those other dubs he's done recently. I hope someone at Rotters Golf Club is planning to stick them out as an album. Secondly, the opening track is deeply weird and very good. Forest Swords are a one man producer/band, unknown to me before hearing this mix from Audrey. Now I'm addicted to it. Ambient sounds with dub basslines and space, Ennio Morricone's twangy guitar, and tons of atmospherics and reverb. Spooky, interesting, odd and very good, this is Glory Gongs by Forest Swords. Well worth checking out I think.

4 - Glory Gongs.mp3

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