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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fuzzy Crocodiles

San Diego's Crocodiles have a new album out, Endless Flowers, that threatens to blow their cover as feedback drenched JAMC copyists a bit. There's still plenty of fuzzed-up scuzz rock here but there's a summery, sing-song quality to some of the tracks and some of yer actual pop-melodies. I only got this the other day (Action Records in Preston, highly recommended for a good record rummage) but I like it a lot already. I had a cup of tea with Ally Queen of Dusty Sevens on Sunday afternoon at Stockport Vintage Village, who grew up visiting Action Records. Very nice it was too, to meet another blogger in real life.

Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)

In other news the HMI fun continues... I'm still here. Just.


George said...

Another "reasonable/good/outstanding" blog

acidted said...

special measures methinks.

And meeting people in real life! whatever next?!

Swiss Adam said...

Ha. To both of you. Requires improvement is the new category Bagging Area could fall into. Luckily Ofblog haven't looked this way yet.

Meeting bloggers in real life threatens the whole fabric of reality.

Swiss Adam said...

But we should all risk it once or twice I reckon.