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Saturday, 14 July 2012

It's The High Numbers Boys And Girls

This clip is from a film started in 1964 that was never completed. It shows The Who (who may or may not have been called the High Numbers at this point) playing US rhythm and blues live at The Railway, Keith Moon already steps ahead and Pete et al resplendent in mod threads.

But the crowd are the real stars here, some very well dressed, good looking boys and girls.


davyh said...

Like I said, nice curtains.

davyh said...

Gotta Dance To Keep From Cryin' is such a great song - had no idea these fellas had sung it mind, worraclip.

(some nights I still sleep on the beach)

Swiss Adam said...

Nice coincidental blogging. 4 years apart. I had no idea you'd done that post

davyh said...

Most blogged curtains in rock