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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Weatherall Mix Round Up

Andrew Weatherall's done almost every promotional piece he could recently except for day time TV (unless I missed him explaining A Love From Outer Space to Philip Schofield). There are mixes and interviews all over the net. I thought I'd share a few with you in case you've missed them. Loads of goodies here for the Weatherall heads among you.

This one is available at Soundcloud for free download- Transitions 404, loads of slow-mo chuggers, very nice too.

Another one here at The Boiler Room, 50 mins with moving pictures too. Far fewer chuggers- opens with reggae, then accordions and treated guitars, spaced out sounds and general weirdo stuff. Splendid. There's a link to an iTunes download but I'm sure if you poke around the dark corners of the internet you can find an alternative.

An interview and fine song selection with a pair of lasses in Berlin here, free download. Have I posted this one before? Maybe. Possibly. News of the forthcoming Madness remix contained within.

This one at Factmag TV is an interview with the man in his studio, where you can marvel at his beard as well as his workplace.

There are several others out there including a radio phone interview with a dj from Stafford whose name escapes me. I got halfway through listening to it a week or two ago and then forgot about it. I suppose I could search my internet history for it. There's enough there to be going on with; it'll have to wait for the moment.


Anonymous said...

mummy that strange beard is scaring me

davyh said...

Right, I'm gonna try the 'weird' one with the reggae. I'll let you know how I get on.

Word veri - '24 burnov' - bottom of the bill at the Reading Festival, 1994.

Swiss Adam said...

I remember 24 Burnov. They were shocking.

Weird one's good Davy.