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Friday, 20 July 2012

Tour De France

It's about time a mod won the Tour De France isn't it?
And while trying to ignore Murdoch and Sky's role in all of this we could coo over the very lovely Bradley Wiggins X Fred Perry range of cycling/leisure shirts, available here, in pale blue, white and black. Pale blue for me I think.

With crushing inevitability, from their 2003 remake and remodel album, here come Kraftwerk.

Tour De France Etape 1


davyh said...

I like a bit of crushing inevitability every now and then.

Artog said...

Hmm, I think I'd probably go for the black, though it'll look crap when it fades. They should have done a dark green.

Swiss Adam said...

Or yellow.

Artog said...

Been meaning to do a post on Fred Perrys for ages actually, the gist of which would be how terrible the colours they use are. Who the fuck wants a turquoise Fred Perry? There are always tons of them left over at the sales, it speaks for itself.

Artog said...

The arrival of cycling gear into mainstream fashion has been bubbling under for ages, and like all fashions seems to originate in the gay community. About five or six years ago I was walking through London with my dad and we stopped off for a pint at the Dog & Duck near Soho Square. A few minutes later the place was inundated with chaps in all the gear, I thought some kind of big amateur race must have just finished (on a Saturday afternoon in central London!). It did puzzle me as to where they'd all parked their bikes though.

ally. said...

leisure shirt. a phrase we don't hear enough. not half enough

dickvandyke said...

20 yrs ago I looked rather cool in a Fred Perry shirt. Now I resemble an overfilled bursting sausage.

Course you can get em in Turkey at 3 for 12 Euro.

And Wiggi Wiggo Wiggins is now the ultimate Boy About Town. I suspect his personal demons and Private Hell went along way in motivating his unforgettable performance.