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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Steady The Buffs

The Who mini-fest continues: first up this performance of My Generation from Germany's Beat Club in the mid 60s, mod smarts, windmills, guitar and mic stand abuse and pounding rhythm. It all started here.

I promised Billy Childish's cover of A Quick One the other day. There's a version on Billy's Christmas album but the superior one is this one from 2002's Steady the Buffs lp.

The Buffs were the Royal East Kent Regiment, one of the oldest regiments in the British army dating back to 1572. Wild Billy Childish and The Buff Medways (named after the regiment and a local variety of chicken) released Steady The Buffs on Graham Coxon's Transcopic label and it's got to be one of the best Childish albums- among the twelve songs there are career highlights Archive From 1959 and Troubled Mind, the trash mod rock of Sally Sensation and Dawn Said, the very great Strood Lights and the breakneck cover of The Kinks' Misty Water. It finishes with Ivor (the two minutes twenty two seconds cover of A Quick One, although it's only the final section to be fair). Steady The Buffs is highly, highly recommended as a Childish starter if you're a novice.


Mr Childish modelling summer 2012's look. Pay attention now Gok Wan acolytes- this is the perfect look for beer gardens, festivals, summer barbecues and your two weeks off in the English sun.

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George said...

Just looked in the Buff Medway section and this album is absent. Just ordered it. Any chance of some Carl & Pearl Butler soon?