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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Me And The Chief Got Slowly Stoned

I recently re-found the copy of Happy Mondays Pills 'N' Thrills And Bellyaches that came free with The Guardian a few weeks ago. Looking down the tracklist of an album I probably haven't played in full for at least fifteen years some of these are very well known to me (Kinky Afro, Step On, Loose Fit, Bob's Yer Uncle) and some I could barely remember, especially this one and Donovan. As soon as it started to play I recalled all of it. God's Cop was about former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester James Anderton, a right wing nutter, about whom there were scores of unbelievable/totally believable stories. Shaun's lyrics here are great, drawled over a lolloping groove- 'me and the chief got Soul To Soul, me and the chief got slowly stoned'.

God's Cop

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Simon said...

God's Cop is my favourite Mondays track ever. I can hear it in my head just looking at the title of this post.