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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Time And The Tide

Since starting Bagging Area in January 2010 I've often had a rummage around the cupboard labelled After The Clash- The Solo Careers of Joe, Mick, Paul and Topper. Sadly the Topper shelf is bare but the Joe and Mick shelves contain a variety of hidden treasures, Paul's a fair few. Joe's wilderness years (somewhere between the collapse of The Clash Mk 2 in 1985 and his return with The Mescaleros in 1999) contain a load of good songs, some of them have been posted here before. To date, no-one has officially compiled these soundtrack songs, solo singles, bands projects like Latino Rockabilly War and other odds and ends. There's a fairly comprehensive 2 cd bootleg called Generations which is pretty easy to find on the net but Joe's musical life after The Clash needs some attention from a loving record company, Rhino or someone like that. Meanwhile, Bagging Area needs to remedy the Topper situation.

Time And The Tide was a B-side on the Yalla Yalla single/e.p., a lovely, rueful, acoustic song that didn't make the cut for the album Art, Rock And The X Ray Style (1999). Yalla Yalla signaled a corner had been turned in Joe's fortunes; Time And The Tide acknowledges the cost.

Time And The Tide


ally. said...

sadly these cupboards lack almost everything post sandinista so ta as ever for ear opening treats

Simon said...

Ally Ally Ally, get the Joe album with Johnny Appleseed, Global A Go-Go which is a brilliant album, one of my favourite Strummer connected albums, it's better than half the Clash albums. Joe was really at a peak at that point.

Swiss Adam said...

I agree with Si.

ally. said...

well that's me told... will do sirs