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Sunday, 8 July 2012

You're Barmy You Are Staying Out All Hours

I've finally managed to catch up on the Quadrophenia stuff from BBC4 last weekend. Mrs Swiss and I watched the film last night- or most of it: the blank dvd we'd recorded it onto ran out five minutes before the end. I knew what happens obviously, but for Mrs Swiss Jimmy is permanently stuck mid-existential crisis outside the hotel where he sees Sting (that is not a mod haircut Sting) working, screaming 'Bellboy!' Quadrophenia was a rites of passage film when I was growing up and watching it now it's retained a lot of its power.

I can't quite believe that in two and a half years of Bagging Area I've never posted anything by The Who. Their run of singles in the 60s from I Can't Explain through to Magic Bus is peerless- the pop-art noise of Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, the boom-boom-boom of My Generation, the mod anthem The Kids Are Alright, the trebly attack of Substitute, Pictures Of Lily, I Can See For Miles... perfect all. Their blend of melody and noise, ugliness and beauty. They looked so good as well, for a while.

Substitute (US Single version)

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