Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Time for some Topper, The Clash's spikey-haired human drum machine.
I was in Altrincham Oxfam Books and Records, nothing much of interest, flick flick flick... ah, what's this?
A Mercury Records compilation from 1986, a painting of a black clad beatnik girl dancing on the front and this piece of text: 'from a moaning wail of the blues to the impulsive beat of a bass drum... Curiosity Killed The Cat, Swing Out Sister, Brandon Cooke (with Roxanne Shante), Love And Money, Topper Headon, Tom Verlaine, Wet Wet Wet, Pete Shelley, Zerra One, Hipsway... theirs was a frenzied world of passion and excitement. Beat Runs Wild'.

Bit of a mixed bag, to put it mildly. 99p. Go on then, if only to see what the Topper song is like. Jazzy, big band, instrumental. S'alright. 

Hope For Donna

Further research brings us a video from Topper's only solo album.

Didn't he have some involvement with Flowered Up or am I imagining that?


drew said...

Eclectic list of acts. If the Brandon Cooke track is Sharp As A Knife, it would have been worth the money for that alone, some nice squelchy sounds.

Swiss Adam said...

It is Sharp As A Knife- not listened to it yet. Will give it a spin on your recommendation.

drew said...

I posted the 12" version a long time ago. I love it.