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Saturday, 21 July 2012

I Got A Girl From Kalamazoo

Ally left a comment after Wednesday's Joe Strummer post saying she hadn't got any Clash after Sandinista (wot, not even Combat Rock Ally?) and Simon left a reply saying that she should get Global-A-Go-Go which I wholeheartedly agree with. Here's another Joe song, from 1989, backed by Latino Rockabilly War who also played with Joe on the poorly produced Earthquake Weather. This song-Trash City- came from the soundtrack to Permanent Record, one of five songs Joe contributed. Joe and Latino Rockabilly War toured on Rock Against The Rich in 1988. Apparently protesters picketed various gigs Joe played at, complaining about Joe's own wealth. The protesters didn't know what Joe looked like, allowing him to agree with them, talk to them and then slip inside and play the gig. Sounds like a good Joe story. Trash City is a typical Strummer rocker with a crunching riff and oblique lyrics.

Trash City


Dirk said...

I always thought Trash City is way better than quite a lot of Clash-tunes are ... one of Joe's finest pieces, certainly!

Simon said...

Man, when he's good he's really good. I miss the bugger.