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Saturday, 16 January 2016


Mogwai are going to release their soundtrack to Atomic: Living In Dread And Promise, a BBC4 documentary from last summer. The documentary was a montage of the atomic age- mushroom clouds, fallout shelters, the Cold War, protests, X-rays and so on. The album will be have ten tracks and this one, U-235, is out on Soundcloud. It actually manages to sound like growing up in the 1980s with the ever present threat of nuclear war.


Michael Doherty said...

Lovely sound, looking forward to hearing the whole album. Thinking of this time I'm always reminded of that wonderful book by Raymond Briggs, "When The Wind Blows." It perfectly encapsulates that sense we had as kids growing up with the Greenham Common Women on Good Morning Britain before heading to school and Reagan and Andropov (or Brezhnev) having their phony wars.

Anonymous said...

Spot on with the When The Wind Blows reference Michael. Wish I'd thought of that.
Swiss Adam