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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Certainly Not Your Average Girl

I've had this song going round and round in my head recently- I think it's Pete Astor's fault. She's My Best Friend was recorded by The Velvet Underground in May 1969 and wasn't good enough (!!!) to make any of their proper albums. Eventually it came out on VU in the 1980s as you surely know but it's pretty much as good as anything else the post-Cale group recorded. It demonstrates the brilliant simplicity of Lou Reed's song writing perfectly- and what's more it was sung by Doug Yule.

She's My Best Friend


The Swede said...

Excellent tune. Pete Astor was due to appear is session on Marc Riley's show last night, but that all changed following the news of Bowie's death. Not sure if there are plans to reschedule.

Michael Doherty said...

The Wedding Present did a lovely cover of this too. Nice little piece on Pitchfork (don't let that put you off)last month about Doug Yule's contribution to the VU.


1001Songs said...

Lou Reed finally did a lifeless version of this on Coney Island Baby.

Swiss Adam said...

His solo career is so patchy isn't it especially versions of VU songs.