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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dub You Can Feel

From cosmische yesterday to dub today. There are a bewildering number of King Tubby albums and tracks, some on what look like iffy labels in poorly printed sleeves/cd cases. You can't go wrong with the two definitive dub albums Tubby made in the mid 70s, The Roots Of Dub and Dub From The Roots, both made with Bunny Lee. The titles are often brilliantly self explanatory as well- Dub You Can Feel, A First Class Dub, Rocking Dub, The Immortal Dub. The sounds and experimentation in those records never fail to move and inspire and (like Neu!'s music), it never sounds old or dated either.

What colour is dub? Dub is green.

Dub You Can Feel


C said...

Yes, iffy labels in poorly printed sleeves and crackly vinyl pressings - perfect!
Ah I'm getting the green thing now, looking at your swatch - tho up until now dub had always been yellow (or should that be gold?) for me... the same colour as Summer and Sundays.

Swiss Adam said...

Yeah, its yellow as well.

Anonymous said...

A sort of earthy ochre, rather than buttercup.

Anonymous said...

Neu followed by Tubby! rhythm abounds. Brian Eno said the 3 greatest rhythm sections of the 70's were Neu, Fela kuti's and James Brown's. i think you gotta include Bunny Lee's Aggrovators or Channel One's Revolutionaries. then it's complete.
I know Bagging Area is big on edwardian explorer chic. so how about one for the last great edwardian explorer, Henry Worsley RIP. something monumental!