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Monday, 25 January 2016

European Orange

Weatherall played this on his radio show last week and it complements the kosmische theme currently circulating this corner of the interwebs- The Swede and Walter have both been on this tip with Fat White Family and Cavern Of Anti-Matter. The Wrestler are from rural Sussex, and according to legend record in a bunker studio that was built for a abandoned European trade fair. They put this out as the flipside of a split 10" single alongside The Cult Of Free Love. The rhythms are motorik, the synths pulse and throb and the guitars are beamed in from West Germany circa 1972. Beautiful repetition. Sehr gut.

Split singles are a good thing I think. My main issue with them is where to file them? Which band's name takes priority?


drew said...

Have to be filed according to who is on the A side, not the AA. I wouldn't have a problem with this one tho' as it's a 10 " and I don't really file those they just all get lumped together.

This is very good by the way

The Swede said...

A new one on me and as you might imagine, I bloody love this. Say what you will about Fat White Family and Cavern of Anti-Matter, the fact is that when you Google 'em, you find 'em. Too many bands don't take the search engine into consideration when crafting their moniker. The Wrestler is one of them.

Swiss Adam said...

Drew- I agree, A side is the leader. My 10"ers are together in alphabetical order. Sad maybe.

Swede- they aren't easy to google. And there isn't much there.

Echorich said...

My 10's get filed with the band's albums, unless it's a first purchase and then it is relegated to a 10" section until further product comes out.
Fat White Family is on high rotation along with the new Suede album since Friday.

Walter said...

It's excellent - love this song so much. I've got to go for it. Thank you for introducing to me.

mike said...

i keep all the deep distance releases in a seperate fold in the shelf, together with of some "kosmische musik". easier to find if i get in the "kraut" mood