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Friday, 8 January 2016

How You Say

I was in the pub on Boxing Day with my friend H. We were talking about music (having done work, football etc) and were agreeing on how we love drones. Drones, repetition, tension and release. This Daniel Avery remix of Factory Floor is perfect and ticks all those boxes. The original is jerky and noisy. The remix is more subtle, still with noise but a more peaceful noise. The electronic drones are at times calming and at times intense. The build up of tension is superb. The whole thing is driven by a bassline and a kickdrum that pulse. It shifts in places, slightly but dramatically. Remix perfection.

How You Say (Daniel Avery Remix)


The Swede said...

Yep, like this a lot.

Swiss Adam said...

It's very good isn't it

Bovril said...

I had to listen to this twice in a row as one listen just couldn't take it in. quite wonderful