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Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Right Hand

Pete Astor is back (new album Spilt Milk out tomorrow). This song channels the later period Velvet Underground and is fucking ace. Lovely little guitar riff, drawled vocals.

From The Loft to The Weather Prophets to Ellis Island Sound to the Dead Trumpets solo album a few years ago, there's loads of good stuff in Pete's back pages- maybe nothing has ever quite topped this classic 80s indie single from The Weather Prophets.

Almost Prayed

There are two versions of Almost Prayed. This is the slightly longer one. And here it is done live on the Whistle Test in 1987, complete with leather trousers.


The Swede said...

Brian posted a couple of Pete Astor's newer tunes late last year, which sounded very encouraging, while Marc Riley played 'My Right Hand' just the other evening and has a session booked with him. It looks like Pete could be in for a good year. 'Almost Prayed' is still stunning.

Anto said...

Like a hand gerenade going off in a convenient

Anto said...

Genrerade...Grenada...ah you know what i fuckin meant

charity chic said...

A cracking song SA

Artog said...

Excellent tune and lyrics (I do like: patron saints of leave me alone). I was going to say that if you like this you ought to check out Ultimate Painting (because it sounds a lot like them). Then I read a little blurb somewhere and one of the blokes from Ultimate Painting is playing the guitar and doing backing vocals.