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Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Daniel Avery's acidic mixture of noise and rhythm has been floating my musical boat since the turn of the year. It's intense and precise stuff but aimed at the feet just as much as the head. In November he put out a single called Sensation.

Resident Advisor recently archived a lot of their dj mixes including this one Avery did for them which builds and drops and peaks and troughs in all the right places.This would be suitable for a long drive in the dark through the middle of nowhere.


Marie said...

Swiss Adam,
I know it's off topic, but is the "Friday Night is Rockabilly Night" feature permanently retired?

Anonymous said...

It's definitely semi-retired Marie. After 200 posts I just ran out of steam and it started to feel a bit burdensome trying to find something rockabilly for every Friday. I might come back to it. Do you miss it?
Swiss Adam

Marie said...

I did enjoy listening to your selections, but I also understand that a long-running series can become an onerous commitment once we've made our way through our favourite tunes.