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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Run For The Shadows

I've been doing what everyone else has been doing- a solid diet of Bowie, digging in and around his extensive back catalogue. These two extras came up and I thought you'd like them. The first is an edit of Golden Years. You might think that as possibly Bowie's greatest moment from a life of great moments that it didn't need mucking about with but this is a funky mid-set dance edit; loop that riff, add those beats, a smidgeon of vocals and lot of spirit. Strictly unofficial but very, very sweet.

Golden Years (Mano Le Tough Edit)

The Secret Life Of Arabia (off ''Heroes'' in 1977) always had more than a touch of disco about it. So why wouldn't someone beef it up, disco-not-disco style, and send it under flashing neon lights to dance? Little Leaf did so, very nicely.


The Swede said...

Interesting finds. The 'Golden Years' remix is particularly good.

Echorich said...

listened to Little Leaf's Secret Secret half a doze times now... love how it pulls the funk right out of Secret Life Of Arabia and just pounds it home.

davyh said...

I also like this very much, from a few years back https://soundcloud.com/markbackhouse/golden-years-the-reflex-stems

Anonymous said...

Stone the crows! Nice to see you here Davy.
Swiss Adam

davyh said...

Nice to be here