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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Jungle Bill

A third Weatherall/Sabres remix from the compilation cd found recently and another one I've never posted before. Yello are an electronic outfit from Switzerland. Sabres Of Paradise provided at least two remixes of Jungle Bill in 1992, both of which were long and groovy, a bit tribal and trancey, but I sometimes think Weatherall was playing within himself with these.

Jungle Bill (Sabres Of Paradise Mix 1)


drew said...

Not my favourite Weatherall mixes. Pretty poor by his own standards back in 1992.

Luca said...

Yello are an incredibly good band. Do check their collaborations with Billy Mackenzie. You won't be disappointed. And tracks like 'Bostich' and 'Oh Yeah' did influence a lot of techno producers.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Drew

Jake Sniper said...

You gotta say yes to Yello, they've done some fantastic stuff. Baby, which Jungle Bill is off is a great album. Though I also agree with Drew and Acidted on this remix.